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Max Woolf is a motivational speaker and career coach for Gen Y and beyond. Max speaks to organizations, groups, sports teams, and individuals to help them maximize their potential, live life more fully, and discover their passion and purpose. He has developed a new context for living that invigorates life experiences and improves quality of life called Living at the Edge.

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On Fatherhood

Published on 05 February 2015 by in Blog, Change, Happiness, Life Path, Unconditional Love


I knew I’d love being a dad, but it’s 100 times more amazing than I ever imagined I find myself constantly amazed by the wonder and inquisitiveness of my daughter Zoe. As the father of a 19 month old, I am most amazed by the deep understanding and knowledge that precedes language acquisition. She knows […]

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I took a deep breath as I stood silently in the doorway. I stared with excited trepidation down the long hallway in front of me. There were at least ten doors on either side. I could make out the names on the glass, but that was all. I could not see what lay behind the […]

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