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Max Woolf is a motivational speaker and career coach for Gen Y and beyond. Max speaks to organizations, groups, sports teams, and individuals to help them maximize their potential, live life more fully, and discover their passion and purpose. He has developed a new context for living that invigorates life experiences and improves quality of life called Living at the Edge.

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Living at the Edge

What is Living at the Edge?  Living at the Edge is a way of life and a way of being.

When you are Living at the Edge you are fully present and conscious in every single moment. You are in a constant state of personal discovery. You are curious about why you act and react in certain ways to certain situations. You are acknowledging and honoring the feelings, emotions, and thoughts that shape your reality. You are able to accept the attitudes, judgments, and beliefs that you hold. When you are Living at the Edge you are pushing the boundaries because you know what those boundaries are.  You are on the cusp of possibility, on the brink of change, and at the apex of reality. Living at the Edge means that anything is possible because at The Edge you know what possibility is truly about.  You are held back by nothing because you understand that there is never anything to lose. You are passionate and purposeful.  You have energy, excitement, and power.  You don’t face challenges, you live through challenges.  It’s as if something is transformed in how you look at the world…it feels amazing, exciting and uncomfortable in the same moment…When you are Living at the Edge, you’ll feel like you’ve never felt before because you’re at The Edge!

Do you want to learn more?  Feel free to e-mail me about how I can help you, your organization, or your team can generate more possibilities so that you can be Living at the Edge!

Living at the Edge