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On The Road in San Francisco

Published on 21 December 2007 by in Blog, Uncategorized


I have resumed my journey as the winds of change have carried me back across the country. I escaped the snowy winter of Boston only to discover the partly cloudy winter of San Francisco.

Having arrived with a week before my flight to Thailand, I have had plenty of time to scour the streets of San Francisco in search of answers to all of life’s questions. I was hoping to continue exploring the consciousness that I had cultivated in Boston over the past few months. But from the first day I arrived, I felt lethargic and exhausted. My mind was in a cloud and I was unable to capture the awareness that I had discovered before I left.

And, then it hit me. All of the emotion of leaving my darling Shelly had finally caught up with me. We had said our goodbyes on Monday knowing that I would be gone for two months, but processing emotions takes time. I had mentally come to grips with it, or so I thought, but physically my body was just letting it in. Fortunately, we have been in close contact since I left and I know that her smiling supportive presence will be with me wherever I go!

Despite feeling somewhat lethargic, I began to explore the city of San Francisco. I made my way to the top of Coit Tower, down Market Street, and over towards North Beach. Dim Sum in Chinatown is a must! And for those of you who like Kerouac or Strip Clubs, Chinatown is right next to North Beach. You can have lunch, pick up a book at City Lights Bookstore, and grab a late afternoon lap dance!

After a few days in the city, I decided to leave the city this morning. I headed South to see Stanford and Palo Alto. Truly a magnificent campus and an amazing college town. No surprise their academics and athletics flourish. Good thing I am not ready to go to Grad School yet, I still have time to get my act together. Let’s hope the sun shines this brightly on my application.

After lunch in Palo Alto at the University Cafe, I headed over to the coast via La Honda Blvd. My plan was to wind my way up the Pacific Coast on Route 1 over the course of the afternoon. It was a little chilly to be surfing, but that didn’t stop most from hanging ten.
I prefer to look at the cliffs, thankful that I am not being “gently” tossed up on the rocks. What’s amazing is that there is a view like this around every single corner!

Even though I will be abroad for the Christmas (and I am Jewish), I still hope you’ve already finished all your shopping because it looks like Santa has a cold! All Santa wanted for Christmas was a Kleenex. “Thanks, Mom!”

Actually, this guy is hoping to find his wife some loose change for the holidays. “Look honey, I found a few nickels!” Little did he know that he’d discovered the Pacific Ocean.

Well, I am sure you’ve finished your shopping and are excited to see your family for the holidays. I can’t wait to pick up my Dad and Sister in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon for a short layover before we head to Thailand. It’ll be a long flight on December 23rd, but a fantastic voyage!

Some say that visiting Thailand opens up a window to the soul. If you look closely, you can see why so many Alcatraz inmates didn’t want to leave. It looks like Alcatraz also opened a window to the soul…

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