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Max Woolf is a motivational speaker and career coach for Gen Y and beyond. Max speaks to organizations, groups, sports teams, and individuals to help them maximize their potential, live life more fully, and discover their passion and purpose. He has developed a new context for living that invigorates life experiences and improves quality of life called Living at the Edge.

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Max shares his light and his own experiences of living outside the box in a way that ignites the listener’s desire to live life to the fullest. His “Box of Possibilities” workshop was one of the best in which I’ve participated in over 30 years of metaphysical work.
-Priscilla Anne Flynn, Director Yoga Sanctuary, LLC

Max Woolf lives what he talks. His topic of Living at the Edge is inspiring and simple and can really change people’s possibilities. I so wanted to share his message that I arranged for him to speak to a group of people I know. They loved it, too.
-Ellen Gallant, Employment and Career Search Specialist

I had no expectations going into my first workshop with Max, but left the workshop raving about the way of thinking they had introduced to me. My approach to my job, in particular, was dramatically rearranged because I had not been making the most of my opportunities and had, in fact, been holding myself back. I still make weekly references (to myself and others) about the principles covered in the workshop.
-Jason Adams – Attended Living at the Edge of Your Box of Possibilities

Heading into the most important stretch of our season, we needed to come together on the field and overcome the mental barriers that were preventing us from playing at our best. The team forged a united focus that kept us grounded in the moment and not worrying about what we had done or what we had left to do and that made all the difference as we ran away with the New England Region and earned our first trip to Nationals. There is no doubt in my mind that we would not have experienced the success we had without Max and the workshop.
-Valkyries Coach – Northeastern Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team

Our team had not reached the potential that many of us felt we could, and having a forum to learn about ourselves and our team really allowed us to move forward collectively. With a new found faith in the strength of our ability, we exceeded all expectations by winning the Northeast Region handily. I credit the workshop as being the catalyst for our success.
-Quiet Coyote Captain – Co-Ed Club Ultimate Frisbee Team

I have seen Max’s talk twice (both geared toward Ultimate teams), and I can honestly say I think it changed the team’s mindsets, and was a big part of each of those team advancing to a National tournament. Max’s approach to living each day fully is truly unique and very inspirational. Whenever I think that I can’t do something, I think back to Max’s talk, and think about how I can live more fully at the edge of my box of possibilities
-Courtney Moores – Valkyries Captain – Northeastern Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team