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Vegas Baby, Vegas!

Published on 29 January 2008 by in Ballers, Blog, Las Vegas, Ultimate Frisbee

I will definitely have the Elephants as promised, but check out this unprecedented collection of ballers in Vegas this past weekend!

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

3 Responses to “Vegas Baby, Vegas!”

  1. Laurel says:

    haha, excellent pic Max. kind of Jesus-like.

  2. bettyflygirl says:

    that pic is sick. kind of reminds me of:

    haha. i’m just playin. good talkin to you today. be safe on your trek across america. i decided against going to chicago this weekend, so i’ll be around if you and shelley decide to come back through denver. 🙂

  3. keegan says:

    Heeeeeells yeah. My favorite part is your reflection in the hood.