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Welcome to Bangkok

Published on 02 January 2008 by in Blog, Uncategorized


Welcome to Bangkok!

These are my pictures and videos from four days exploring the city of Bangkok. You will see some of the sights and sounds from our many adventures. We rode in took tooks, fed ostriches, saw a lady boy cabaret show, visited the bridge over the River Kwai and Ayutyah Temples, saw reclining Buddhas, and much more!

* * *

I am now at the Elephant Nature Park in Chang-Mai in the north of Thailand. We are serving as volunteers, which involves feeding the elephants, bathing the elephants, shoveling the elephant’s kishan, making kishan and straw bricks, meeting the elephants, and a whole lot more!

On the steps of Wat Phra Thai Doi Suthep in Chiang-Mai

In the temple of Wat Suan Dok in Chiang-Mai

Lighting a Luck Balloon on New Year’s Eve with Dow, Ping-Pong, and Sandy

Sunset on the Elephant Nature Park

Feeding an elephant bananas and watermelon

Thai Student Dancers Jang (14), Biw (16), and Toon(17) with Max “Jack Sparrow” Woolf (26)

I must find my way to bed, but I will give you more of the many insights on life, elephants, and rock-n-roll when I have time…

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